Data of person filling the complaint

Please provide us with details of your complaint (e.g. include facts, communications, dates, and names of involved persons (if you are aware), etc.)
I declare that the information which I refer to this document regarding my complaint towards Pepper Greece Α.Ε.Δ.Α.Δ.Π. Complaints Department, is true and accurate.
I have read and noticed about the Privacy Policy and the Complaints Handling Procedure of Pepper Greece Α.Ε.Δ.Α.Δ.Π. and I understand that the personal data requested in the above complaint form are the absolutely necessary to enable Pepper Greece Α.Ε.Δ.Α.Δ.Π. to investigate and resolve the issue raised. In addition, if in my complaint, I provide Pepper Greece Α.Ε.Δ.Α.Δ.Π. with personal data of third natural persons, I declare that I have in advance properly informed these persons and I have received, where necessary, their consent.

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