Pepper has vast experience across numerous European countries of managing Νon-Performing Loans using our own in-house proprietary technology solutions, specifically configured to manage a range of asset classes including specialism in the non-performing loan sector.

Leveraging from our experience across other European markets, we have developed a fully integrated, end-to-end Servicing and Asset Management technology solution, the Atlas Platform. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the Greek and Cypriot markets this solution leverages Pepper’s 15 years’ experience managing in excess of €50bn in European NPLs and REO assets. No other system like this exists in the market. It is built on fully integrated workflow processes that have been developed around actual regulatory requirements. As a result, it has functionality to deliver on portfolio, borrower, asset and client requirements as well as providing third parties with the ability to access the system on a read only and partitioned basis. It is built on a single data warehouse, with a unique “Borrower 360” view of the position.

The platform consists of 4 key integrated modules which help our team efficiently service portfolios of Performing, and Non-Performing loans, as well as manage REO Assets through to exit. Leveraging our broad servicing experience, we have combined some of the market leading systems to deliver a platform solution unique to Pepper.

Atlas Loan & Relationship Management
Atlas LRM develops loan agreements and manages relationships
Atlas 360
Atlas 360 visualizes complex relationships and performance via detailed data capture
Atlas Investor Portal
Investor Portal integrates workflow and portfolio management with dynamic real-time credit decisioning institutionally adaptable reporting and analytics and asset valuation
Atlas Sales Admin
Sales Admin uses baked in real estate capabilities such as our sophisticated boarding workflow to market assets to investors with real-time data

Atlas, the platform that holds up your world!  

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